?Why SABA is a reasonable choice



Up to dated technology / high quality materials/ long life products

The company, with five patent certificates, was the first company to integrate inverter technology in the country and the Middle East. High experience in designing R&D-driven products, continually utilizing and observing developments in the world, visiting internationally acclaimed exhibitions, using the highest quality parts and avoiding the use of inexpensive and unreliable brands such as parts. Chinese has made our products reach the consumer while having the best quality and longevity at a very reasonable price.

We hope that with your trust and continued quality and variety of products, we will see dear consumer satisfaction.

national production , national honor



Global warranty service



Our main goal is to gain customers' trust and satisfaction by providing proper and on time after-sales service.

1-Equippment of workshop with the most up-to-date hardware for maintenance all kinds of welding and cutting machines

2-emergency replacement of damaged parts at the main office in warranty period

3-Installation and repair of warranty devices at customer's place in less than 24 hours.

4-Providing warranty services in provincial centers through authorized representatives.

5- Ability to send the machine to the main office from any part of IRAN

6-Full support of welding and cutting machine’s spare parts with the possibility of sending to the whole part of Iran.

7- Using professional experts.

8- Ready to sign support contract after end of warranty period

9- Sending skilled technician to different part of Iran for maintenance or education